The Jewish Past of Laupheim
How it all began

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How it all began

It was in the year 1724 when the first Jews settled here in Laupheim. Two things were very important then.

First, the influence of the local feudal lord here in the Schloss Grosslaupheim; his name was Carl Damian von Welden.

Second, a strong Catholicism, which has been practised here for almost 800 years up to this very day.

The Baron Carl Damian von Welden was in utter need of money, so he was extremely glad, when the first twenty Jewish families asked him to settle in Laupheim. For the permission to settle permanently they had to pay a certain sum of money, because since the Middle Ages Jews weren't allowed to stay longer than 30 days in one place.

This permission was given to them first in 1724, and was 30 years later renewed and confirmed in a contract, which is sealed by the office of the Baron von Welden. The Jews had to promise additionally to pay various dues and taxes, for example at the birth of a child, at the building of a house and most important, at each market day.

Laupheim became a market centre for the surrounding countryside during the 18th century, and therefore the family von Welden could afford to add a new wing to their manor house only thirty years after the first Jews had settled here.

Holy Martin

This saint is symbolising the Catholic faith.


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