The Jewish Past of Laupheim
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About The Holocaust

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About The Holocaust

The "Third Reich", the time of terror under the National Socialist regime, which lasted from 1933 to 1945 and during which about 6 million Jews were murdered throughout Middle and Eastern Europe.

This time marks the definite end of the Jewish community in Laupheim.

In 1933 about 230 Jews were living in Laupheim, of who only 44 remained in 1942. These people who were mostly old, ill or very poor, lived since 1940 together in the former building of the Jewish Rabbinate. From there, in August 1942, they were forced to march to the railway station. There they were put on the train to the concentration camps, first to Theresienstadt and then further on to Auschwitz.

A total of 102 Jews from Laupheim were murdered.

This time is in many ways the darkest we have in German history. The history of National Socialism starts out with Adolf Hitler to become chancellor of Germany in 1933, when Jews were immediately barred from social and economic life. Then in 1938, all the synagogues and all Jewish property was destroyed and in 1942 the so-called "Endloesung", meant the removal of the Jews not only from Germany, but from the whole of Europe by murdering them in the concentration camps.


This Torah Crown and Rimmonim were originally adornment for the staves of the Torah Scroll, which were saved from the ruins of the burning Laupheim Synagogue in 1938.


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