The Jewish Past of Laupheim
How it all began

Life in the Jewish Community

Jews and Christians

The Steiner Family

The Adler Family

About The Holocaust

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Life in the Jewish Community 

The Jews were set apart of the surrounding Christian majority and were closely knit together by their religion. Besides being Jews, they had to live in a separate quarter of their own.

The Jews had an administration of their own (the Rabbinate), their own school, their own cemetery and their own church (the Synagogue).

The synagogue was burnt down in 1938 in a pogrom the so-called “Reichskristallnacht“, a pogrom which meant the burning down of practically all synagogues in Germany.

Laupheim Synagogue (1938)

Laupheim Synagogue (1938).


Torah Shield

The Torah - the Hebrew Bible (detail view: Torah Shield).


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