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The Adler Family

The Adler family stands for a family, which was in many ways integrated in the social and cultural life in Laupheim. It's most distinguished member, Friedrich Adler, was born in 1878 in a house now used as a restaurant (Hermes Cafe) in the Kapellenstrasse, one of the most beautiful buildings in Laupheim till today.

After finishing school in Laupheim, he went to Munich to study arts and crafts. After a few years as a free lance artist, he was appointed professor at the Polytechnic School of Hamburg, where he lived until 1942, when he was arrested under the National Socialist regime and murdered in the concentration camp at Auschwitz in the same year.

Objects of art, designed by Friedrich Adler:


12 sons of Jacob

Glass stained window "The twelve sons of Jacob" (detail view).





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